4 Proofs That The Igbo People Are The Aborigines Of Ile Ife

We have heard many historians and scholars speak of Queen Moremi a beautiful Yoruba woman from Offa, and how she used her beauty to win the heart of Obatala Oreluere, the King of the aborigines of Ile Ife who was forced into exile when The Great Oduduwa led the Yorubas to dislodge the Ife Aborigines of Ife and create the present civilization of Ile Ife.

But the interesting thing these days is the great efforts being made by some to hide the Igbo identity of the aborigines of Ile Ife. When you point out to them that the aborigines were Igbo they tell you, they are ‘not the same Igbo with the present day Igbo’. One is forced to smile and ask how they know they are not the same Igbo.

Apart from the fact that the Igbo aborigines share the same name with the people called Igbo today, here are a few pointers that the Igbos of today and the aborigines of Ile Ife (today’s Oluyare, Igare, Anioma and Olukwumi people) are one and the same people.

  1. Obatala’s title of Oba Igbo: One of the titles of the aboriginal King of the Igbo in Ile Ife (Obatala) was Oba Igbo, which means King of the Igbos. Many don’t know that Oba is an Igbo word for king. For instance, the title of the traditional ruler of Ogba in Rivers State (not the Ogba in Lagos o) is Oba.

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