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Will Turkey Become A World Power – Quora

The above question was asked about Turkey on Quora.

And while some users thought it was possible, others thought it wasn’t.

A user who thinks it is possible wrote:  Continue reading “Will Turkey Become A World Power – Quora”

Trump Moves To Counter Iran’s Rising Influence By Forming NATO-like Alliance In Middle East

The Trump Administration is working quietly to build an alliance with Middle East countries opposed to Iran’s rising influence.

Washington is building deeper cooperation between the countries on missile defense, military training, counter-terrorism and other issues such as strengthening regional economic and diplomatic ties, four sources told Reuters.

These countries include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Jordan as well as several Gulf states.

Iran has been building a lot influence ever since President Bush Junior flushed out Saddam Hussein from Iraq. 

The toppling of Saddam left a vacuum Iran was very happy to fill.

Iran also has a lot of influence in Lebanon through Hezbollah, a military and political organization that has hardened fighters.

Hezbollah has been instrumental in increasing Iran’s influence in Syria. 

There they have helped keep Bashar Assad in power, to the chagrin of the Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia.

Iran has also stepped in to take over the vacuum left by Saudi Arabia, after its withdrawal from Qatar.

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