Should elders take advice from the young?

In our society wisdom is often regarded as the preserve of the elders who have grown wizened white hairs over the years. In fact, it is said that what an elder sees sitting down a youth cannot see standing.

While that is often true, some times wisdom choses to speak through the young ones.

If you doubt me, ask Chief Subomi Balogun who built FCMB, one of Nigeria’s most successful private banks based on advice from his then toddler son.

Imagine if he hadn’t listened to the toddler’s advice in a troubled time. So as they say, when a child washes his hands well, he will eat with elders.

CAC enforces corporate dress code for visitors

The Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, has announced that all visitors to their premises must wear either corporate attire or traditional. No more casuals like ripped jeans, mini skirts, etc.

All well and good. Bit CAC should remember one thing. Dress code is not the most important thing for CAC. The most important thing is giving people their certificates as at when due.

Why I will always be a tenant – Eedris Abdulkareem

Musician and human rights activist Eedris Abdulkareem has responded to comments about why he remains a tenant despite his huge strides in the music industry. In an exclusive chat with Sahara Reporters, he said expalains:

“From the moment i realized that my mission in life is to stand for the truth at all times, by speaking truth to authorities of all hues and colours, I also made a personal decision to live a clean, firm and utterly humble life, devoid of materialistic posturing and grandstanding. And this decision was made almost three decades ago. Ever since, I have made it a point of duty not to live in any of my personal properties in line with that oath, and also in tandem with my style of allowing my tenants the freedom to be themselves without an overbearing landlord/lady breathing down their necks.

He continues: “As a landlord myself, my tenants love and cherish me because of the way I treat them. They rarely see me around.

“The IPO of this particular case was surprised when I and my friend Myke Pam took him to one of my properties which is actually a walking distance from the rented property I occupy. With a demeanour which shows surprise, the inspector gazed at the property which has two massive storey buildings within.

“As a landlord myself, my tenants love and cherish me because of the way I treat them. They rarely see me around.

Doctored Video? ‘Sanwo Olu’, ‘Davido’ And ‘Tuface’ Singing About Okada Ban

This video below purportedly shows what looks ‘unmisatkingly’ like Governor Sanwo Olu, Davido and Tuface singing about the okada/keke ban. There is only one problem. It doesn’t look authentic. Or do you think it is? Does that sound like their voices?