Nigerian Senator Compares Nigeria’s Budget With Havard, Egypt, South Africa Budget: Shocking Revelation!

Senator Prof. Sola Adeyeye, while speaking in an interview in Channels Television, compared Nigeria’s current budget with that of Havard, Egypt and South Africa. And the findings will shock you. Read below:

For a nation of about 200 million people, we just passed a budget of $29b, a bit more than the budget of Harvard University for one year.

Egypt with only about a hundred million people passed a budget of about $90b. South Africa with only about 34 million people, that is about 17 percent of the population of Nigeria passed a budget of about of $130b.

We are in a mess. We are pathetically poor and Nigerian politicians are acting as if things are honky-dory. They are not!

Read more of what he said here:

So, Egypt with no oil, has higher budget than us. Havard with no millions in population has higher budget. South Africa, with only 17% of our population has higher budget than us.

How do we expect these entities to take us seriously?!

Egypt’s First Democratically Elected President, Morsi Sentenced To 25 Years In Jail

Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for his membership of the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the organization that brought him to power but was seen as too radical by many moderate Egyptians. Continue reading “Egypt’s First Democratically Elected President, Morsi Sentenced To 25 Years In Jail”

Breaking News: Saudi Arabia to build bridge over Red Sea to Egypt

Saudi Arabia’s ruler King Salman has announced that Saudi Arabia, the richest Arab country in the world will build a bridge to connect Egypt, the most populous Arab nation on earth.

The bridge will be built over the Red Sea and the King has said that it would boost trade between the two countries.

The Egyptian President, Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi says the bridge will be named after the Saudi King.

The Red Sea is one of the most famous seas on earth. That is the Sea were the biblical Moses separated the waters to allow the Isrealites to escape the pursuing Egyptians.

Even though Saudi is an oil dependent country they forced themselves to save almost $1 trillion Dollars from crude oil sales. So even though the current low price of oil is bitting them, they can survive for years without having a major economic problem.

Egypt, being the most populous Arab country, is well respected in the Arab league. It is geographically located in Africa, while Saudi is geographically located in Asia.

How I wish the Saudi King had also given President Buhari money for our second Niger Bridge, which I hear may not see the light of the day in 2017.